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Punker Pat

Punker Pat

Punker Towersey is a waterman and lover of all things in and around the ocean. His positive energy and spirit is infectious. I spent the afternoon with Pat getting to know him better. Below are some images and an interview. 

UM: Are you afraid of snakes?

Punker Pat: Oh yeah, I hate snakes.

UM: What is one word that describes you?

Punker Pat: Positive

UM: Is there anything strange in your refrigerator?

Punker Pat: Nooooooooo I don’t know…. Jalapeno stuffed olives?

 UM: What do you want the world to know about you?

Punker Pat:Punker Pat: That’s a tough one. Hopefully the world doesn’t know about me to some degree. I feel like at this point I haven’t worked hard enough to deserve the world to know about me. If the world does know about me, it could be something not good so I’m going to stay off the radar.

 UM: What is the one dish your grandmother cooks best?

Punker Pat: Oh man. She would make toffee every holiday season around Christmas and give it out to tons of people. Her toffee was famous which is cool.

 UM: What does a perfect day look like?

Punker Pat: God I don’t know. Great waves are always fun, having good people around you, its going to involve my wife and maybe going to the beach, hanging there and catching some waves, then playing a little tennis but there is a certain degree of the unexpected that happens. That’s when you go wow that was the perfect day. The preconceived notion of a perfect day sets up the expectation which often times you don’t meet. So for me I think perfect days are when the unexpected awesome happens.

UM: Is the world big or small?

Punker Pat: I mean now the world is smaller then ever because of social media and things like that but also it can be as big as you want it to be because you can go find territory that’s completely untouched so its still a big place but can feel really small at times.

UM: What would you say has been your best investment?

Punker Pat: Best investment. I don’t know. God, maybe getting a boat. I split a boat with my buddy, its just a little seventeen-foot whaler and it was cheap but at the same time was the coolest thing ever. The first time I drove it out it was like having my license for the first time again. I didn’t grow up around boats necessarily but obviously surfing and loving the ocean and getting onto my friends boats. Having my own boat is this new insane freedom so that’s the best investment I’ve made. Everyone says boats are the worst investments ever

UM: What is the most important thing you need to do before you die?

Punker Pat: Hopefully have a positive impact on some piece of the world we live in, weather it’s my neighborhood or this county I hope to have some positive impact.

UM: Have you ever been hypnotized?

Punker Pat: No

UM:Is there anything you cook or bake really well?

Punker Pat: I’m good at making artisan toast. I make a lot of toast combos like avo toast, cheese toast, toast with avo hummus and lettuce. I am a toast maker.

UM: Do you believe in miracles?

Punker Pat: For sure yeah. The fact that we are here on this earth probably is a miracle to some level.


UM: What makes you feel stuck?

Punker Pat: I guess the things that make you feel stuck are those that come with responsibility but being stuck is not always a bad thing. You’re only stuck in your own mind and you have to work through whatever is keeping you stuck. If you feel like you’re stuck in the trenches of a job or a relationship or any circumstance it’s really you’re a prisoner of your own mind and so you are never truly stuck.

UM: What are you thoughts on the ocean?

Punker Pat: I think the ocean is everything and is probably the most important eco system on planet earth. I think there is such a huge importance with keeping the ocean protected. It’s really a litmus test of what’s going to happen in the future. I think if we don’t pay attention to the great barrier reefs and the algae blooms that are not taking place it’s going to effect the whole eco system because the whole food chain starts in the ocean.

UM: Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Punker Pat: Oh yeah man.  I think the coolest thing is when you see old people picking up new things. Older people who are curious are the ones staying alive a lot longer because they are keeping themselves and their minds active.

UM: As a child did you play well with others?

Punker Pat: Yeah. I think I played well with others, I mean there are obviously times where you learn lessons of sharing. In general I think I was pretty sharing and caring.

UM: What is your zodiac sign?

Punker Pat: Zodiac. I don’t know. Scorpio, yeah I’m a Scorpio.

UM: If you could ask god one question what would it be?

Punker Pat: It would have to be something to the effect of why did you make man so flawed? Why didn’t you make people in the light of you?

UM: At karaoke what song do you pick?

Punker Pat: I never do karaoke. I steer clear and stay off the stage. I know I need to figure out one good karaoke song that I could do cause I have heard that’s the strategy. You find one and you get good at it and then you crush it and you look like you know what you are doing. That’s on the list of things I got to do.

UM: Window seat or aisle?

Punker Pat: Aisle for sure. 

Be sure to follow Pat on Instagram : @punkerpat

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