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Anya Violet

Anya Violet

Anya is a lover of all things motorcycle. She was born and raised in a small town just outside of San Luis Obisbo on the central coast of California. That is where she learned to ride a dirt bike. She loved riding motorcycles so much that she and a friend thought it would be cool to do a motorcycle camping trip in the desert 4 years ago. That small gathering started with 50 girls and took on the name called Babes Ride Out. At last year's event, about 1,800 lovely ladies showed up which made it the largest all female motorcycle gathering in the world! Noticing that there was no cute and stylish clothes to wear while riding her bike, Anya and her friends decided to start a women's clothing line dedicated to making quality riding wear for women who wanted to look good and get radical, its called ATWYLD and is manufactured in Los Angeles. 

A string of fate brought Anya and I together. I took a photo of her randomly riding past me on the freeway. After posting that photo on Instagram, it became apparent that we had a friend in common who was able to tag her as the girl in the photo, small world. Long story short, we met up and took some photos and had a short interview. Please enjoy those below. 

1. What would you like for your next birthday?
A Husqvarna TE 250
2. What is the best part of living in Long Beach?
The culture, the people, the diverse neighborhoods and the nightlife.
3. Who has had a big impact on your life and perspective?
Every member of my family and every close friend I have has made the biggest impact on my life. The people I keep closest to me have profoundly shaped the kind of person I am. 
4. What is the best advise you've been given?
Dont' give up!
5. What is a saying you hate?
6. Is there anything strange in your refrigerator?
There is always strange things in my refrigerator because my boyfriend and I do a terrible job of cleaning out old leftovers. It's a problem. I blame him! 

7. Is there something that your grandmother cooks really well?

I can't think of one specific dish but my grandmother on my Dad's side cooked a lot of yummy Armenian food.

8. 2017 is just around the corner. Do you have any big plans or goals?

I plan on riding dirt bikes more, doing yoga more and hopefully buying a house!

9. What do you like most about riding your motorcycle?
I like the feeling of zen that I get when I am on my bike. It is one of the only times that my mind is pretty much clear and my body just knows what to do without much effort. Its kind of rhythmic, in a way. 

10. What do you think about zoos? 

They are weird and generally bum me out. 

11. Please tell me about ATWYLD......
I started ATWYLD with my partner's Corinne LanFranco and Jaime Dempsey because none of us could find appropriate riding clothes that were both stylish and functional and not made for a dude. There was a huge void in the market and it needed to be filled!

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