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Amy Reda

Amy Reda

UM: What does it mean to be strong?

Amy: It means to believe in yourself, and to believe that you can do anything. I've learned a lot about what that means lately. Having faith (in yourself, in others, in the Universe) takes great strength!

UM: In your opinion who makes the best french fries? 

AMY: In-N-Out

UM: Did you collect anything as a child?

AMY: Yes! My Little Ponies, Trolls, Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, Polly Pockets & stickers. I carried My Little Ponies around with me in a briefcase, so I guess those were the most important :)

UM: Who has had the biggest impact on your life and perspective?

AMY: I don't think I can narrow that down to just one person or creature! My family, friends, mentors, teachers and the environment have all had such great impacts on my life.

UM: What is the best dish your grandmother cooks?

AMY: My grandparents come from all different cultures; but my Polish nana made the best Polish Stuffed Eggs...none compare to hers!

UM: Would you describe yourself as good with technology?

AMY: Nope.

UM: Are you a morning person?

AMY: Nope.

 What are your thoughts on the ocean?

The Ocean is my home. Without the Ocean, I would have a totally different life. The Ocean gives us all life, and the Ocean has a soul, yet we treat it like a trash can. We need the Ocean, and the Ocean needs our love, more than ever before.


UM: You and your husband run a surf school could you tell me a little about that? 

AMY: Yes! Endless Sun Surf School is our pride and joy! We have the opportunity to share our love of surfing and the Ocean with kids and adults of all ages and abilities; and this has been so fulfilling, in so many ways. We are taking over, and have grown the original Newport Beach surf school, which started in 1963! We now have a big after-school surf & yoga program, surf camps, lessons for kids with special needs and abilities, corporate team building lessons, and private surf lessons all year round.

UM: What makes you feel stuck?

AMY: Certain types of limited thinking...like thinking there are only 1 or 2 choices, when usually there are a lot more.

UM: How do you become unstuck?

AMY: By tapping into my creativity. Yoga, meditation and surfing often help me to further tap into this creativity, and thus become unstuck.

Corina Barnick

Corina Barnick

Anya Violet

Anya Violet