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Jaime Dempsey

Jaime Dempsey

You are the host of a motorcycle/ travel show filmed in south east asia called Ride N Seek. Could you tell me a bit about it? 

Jaime: I got really lucky landing this gig where I travel on 2 wheels around different countries in SE Asia, and I try different adventures and cultural activities along the way. I have a small film crew that follows me and I meet and interview different people in each area that I visit. I learn so much about the culture of each country by being so immersed in it and spending a month on the road filming and riding. Its hard work but so rewarding! So far we have filmed Malaysia, Borneo, and 2 seasons in the Philippines (Luzon and Visayas). I'm about to leave to film my 5th season and I'll be traveling around Mindanao, Philippines

Have you always been one to hop in front of the camera?

Jaime: I'm actually more used to being behind the camera. I graduated college with a BFA in photography and also spent a few years as a wardrobe stylist. I was so awkward when I first started filming the show, but now that I have 5 seasons under my belt I've learned to be much more relaxed and myself. Its funny to look back at season 1 and see the difference!

What does success mean to you and has you definition changed over the years?

Success to me used to mean finding a career that I was good at that paid me well. As I've gotten older I realize that there's more to it than that. Having a well paid job does not guarantee happiness, and finding happiness and fulfillment doing something I love has become much more important to me that how much I make while doing it. I may not have a steady income now, but I've traveled the world and started my own business all on my own terms. That makes me feel pretty darn successful.

What does it mean to be courageous?

Jaime: To me being courageous means to have the strength and the guts to take chances in life. It takes courage to be independent, to put yourself in circumstances outside of your comfort zone, and to risk failure to follow your dreams.

Describe empowered….

Jaime: Someone that is empowered has strength, and anything that can be described as empowering can give you that strength. For me one of those things is my motorcycle. When I'm riding I feel free, independent and strong. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that is empowerment. 


What advice would you give to a women who is thinking of getting on a motorcycle for the first time?

Jaime: I took a motorcycle safety course which not only helped me learn to ride a bike but also how to ride it as safely as possible on the street. It teaches you things that friends and family may not think to tell you. I've also been dirt biking a few times and I think now that mastering a dirt bike could really help hone your skills on a street bike too. Plus it's so much fun!

Could you tell me a bit about the women's motorcycle scene and why you are drawn to it?

Jaime: Women motorcyclists are such nice girls! Our common love of 2 wheels makes us fast friends, and you don't find that really in any other scene. Women have a reputation of being caddy or judgmental towards each other but in the motorcycle scene we have nothing but love and support for one another. It's that kind of positivity and love for adventure that draws me in. I never had so many girlfriends until I got involved in this community.

Tell me a jaime fun fact.

Jaime: My dad's nickname for me is snookumpopper. I have no clue what that means haha.

You are a production designer for the women's motorcycle apparel brand ATWYLD. How did you get involved and what is the best thing about starting your own company?

Jaime: I was on a ride with 2 girlfriends through Angeles Crest in Los Angeles and when we stopped for lunch we talked about how non of us were wearing anything protective because there was nothing out there that we wanted to wear. We wanted to wear clothes that looked like our regular fashion street clothes but had protective properties, and no one was doing this yet. We realized we each had the background in apparel to help get it done, and so we decided to go for it! Starting your own company is scary and stressful, but I am so happy that we took the chance and we've come this far. The response has been amazing. The best part is the pride you feel when you work hard to create something of your own.

What was the last awesome thing that happened to you?

Jaime: The last awesome thing was hearing that I'll be doing another season of Ride N Seek and I get to go back to the Philippines and ride. This also means that I can continue to work on Atwyld without worrying too much about finances for a little while, and oh yeah, I'm going to buy a dirt bike. I really want to get better at riding in the dirt!

What is the best part of being a female motorcyclist? 

Jaime: The best part of being a female motorcyclist is the community of female riders that you join and all the fun rides and camp outs that you do together. Also the surprised face that you see on some people when they find out you ride is pretty cool too haha

What is the worst part of being a female motorcyclist? 

Jaime: The worst part can be when you are underestimated, Like you aren't tough enough to ride in the rain, or you are too small to handle that bike, or you can't possibly know how to change your own oil. Fortunately these misconceptions are dying out as we keep proving them wrong.

What’s the next step you’re going to take to get you where you want to be?

Jaime: We just launched our first collection for Atwyld last fall, and we are working hard to release some more great stuff this spring. I plan on spending the next couple of years working as hard as I can to help Atwyld be the #1 moto apparel line for women, and of course squeezing in some travel and adventure in between ; ).

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